How Natural Filters was born

Hello internet surfers and seekers of the best tasting and healthiest water,

I’d like to share with you the story of how I started Natural Filters and my vision for this social enterprise moving forward. For those of you who know me personally you are probably aware of my struggles with the auto-immune condition of alopecia and its corresponding effects on my digestive and endocrine systems. For those who don’t, check out the corresponding post on my blog here.

Something that I have not necessarily shared with everyone due to its rather personal nature was how this condition affected my testosterone levels. Basically, from that fateful day in Rio de Janeiro when all my hair fell out in the middle of carnival and for the next 9 months or so my testosterone levels plummeted. They dropped to the point where I no longer felt attracted to girls anymore and my motivation levels also took a massive hit. As you can imagine this had a massive impact on my psychological state, leading to a lot of confusion as to how I would live out the rest of my life as an asexual person when so much of my identity was caught in up being a heterosexual male. Anyway I’ll spare you my psychological struggles and get to the point of this post - clean drinking water.

My functional medicine practitioner (Steven from New Health Melbourne), after an extensive and thorough consultation and battery of tests recommended many lifestyle changes, with one of them being limiting my exposure to plastics. This was due to the synthetic estrogens that all plastics, including BPA-free plastics leach into our food, water and onto our skin constantly. So I embarked on a journey of cutting plastics out of my food and drink, replacing everything from my tupperware containers with stainless steel ones to even investing in a plastic-free kettle and blender, since these are appliances I use daily.

Once I had cut out plastics from my food, the next step was my water since beer and wine were already naturally plastic-free (the days of cask wine are long behind me!). Seeing as I have always used water filters of some sort, I started looking around for a plastic-free water filter. I searched and I searched both online and off yet I was not able to find anything. I was met with dumb-founded faces from staff at Kmart, Myer and every other shop in betwee. Online I found a few options yet even the odd plastic-free jug made from plant-based plastics seemed far too processed to be all that good for me long term. I wanted a natural solution that was plastic-free to begin with, just like zucchini pasta is naturally gluten-free, yet I was all out of luck until I stumbled upon some articles describing how one can filter water with activated charcoal.

I struck pay dirt - this was it. The next step was to actually source some which is when I came across my next stumbling block - it was only available from Japan where the shipping was more expensive than the actual activated charcoal stick itself. This is when my mum’s advice kicked in - ‘if no one else is doing it and there’s a need for something, then you are the one that must launch this product, organisation etc.’

So this is the story of how Natural Filters was born. Stay tuned for my next post where I will go into detail of my long term vision for this organisation. Sneak preview - I would like to fund projects aimed at land conservation and regeneration using permaculture principles.

Big love,