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Natural Filters

Five Pack Water Filter Starter Kit with Jug

Five Pack Water Filter Starter Kit with Jug

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Charcoal Filters for Your Water Jugs & Bottles

The Natural Filters Starter Kit contains our 5 pack of water filters, a high quality tempered glass water jug designed to house our bamboo charcoal filters as well as the filter brush.

The 5 pack of bamboo charcoal water filters will provide you and your family with clean and tasty drinking water without all the nasties for over a year (15 months to be exact). That works out to be less than a dollar a week!


Naturally Plastic-Free & Biodegradable

Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped Binchotan bamboo charcoal water filters which last up to 3 months each after which they can be either added to your compost or directly to your garden for a second life of enriching your soil. To top it all off, the packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard – even the packing bag it comes in is fully biodegradable. 


High Quality Tempered Glass Water Jug

This starter kit comes with a high quality 1.25 litre tempered glass water jug specifically designed for our bamboo charcoal water filters. If you don’t already have a water jug or prefer to hide the charcoal water filter, then this is the right starter pack for you. These strong and robust water jugs are made from tempered glass and are dishwasher safe so are by no means brittle – they are built to last. The mesh filter compartment and lid are both made from food-grade stainless steel and ensures that only water flows through for filtration and the filter stay inside the compartment, leaving you with freshly-filtered, clean and healthy drinking water.

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